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Say goodbye to leaks and damaged 510 threads with our NEW magnetic, glass and Zirconia cartridge. It guarantees uninterrupted liquid flow and a clean delivery.

Elevate your brand with fully customizable batteries and pods.

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Introducing the newest technology

Were you looking for something better than your run-of-the-mill 510 thread cartridge?

Check out the newest vape tech! It’s not just the best cartridge system out there, it’s like the superhero of e-liquid vape solutions. Don’t settle for less. Give your brand the upgrade it deserves with our Sneak a Dab. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.

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Our team is excited to offer you a great deal!

For a limited time, we are now selling individual packages with empty pods for you to try out with your own product. You can test this incredible technology for only $15 per unit*.

By taking advantage of this offer, you’ll get a firsthand experience of our easy-to-use and durable vape pen, just like your customers will.

Unlike traditional 510 cartridges, with leaks and losses that impact your revenue and brand perception, our revolutionary technology is here for you to be on the first wave.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover what’s possible for you and your brand with our amazing product.

*Shipping cost not included

The Pod

Introducing the cartridge that puts an end to leaks once and for all! It’s made of glass and Zirconia – no plastic here, folks! – to guarantee a spotlessly clean delivery of the content.

And wait for it… it’s MAGNETIC! Say goodbye to those frustratingly damaged threads and hello to effortless plug-and-unplugging. Who knew a cartridge could be so darn clever? This is one game-changer that your customers won’t want to miss out on.

Each box contains 500 units.

MOQ = 1 Box (500 units).

Shipping cost is estimated upon requesting a quote.

The Battery

We provide a trustworthy, high-quality battery that matches the impeccable standard of The Pod.

Unlike your typical 510 battery, this product boasts a magnetic base and offers three distinct voltage levels to better suit the particular contents of your pod.

Say goodbye to thread damage and outdated charging ports – our battery is here to revolutionize the market. You can rely on us to provide you with a cutting-edge battery that will remain a steadfast and essential component of your pod.

Each box contains 500 units.

MOQ = 1 Box (500 units).

Shipping cost is estimated upon requesting a quote.

Brands using the new Magnetic Pen

Branded product

Hey there! How about taking your customer experience to the next level with some cool customized products? Unboxing is a special moment for your customers and a perfect opportunity to create a deeper connection with your brand. When people feel connected to a brand, they love to show it off!

So, why not create your customized products and make your customers happier and loyal to your brand?


Only the battery and the pen can be branded. The box and/or Mylar bags were manufactured separately by our clients.

Each box contains 500 units.

MOQ = 1 Box (500 units).

Shipping cost is estimated upon requesting a quote.

Sample box

Hello savvy business owner! Want to try our products without committing to a full purchase? Try our sample kit featuring our some products for the cost of shipping. Decide if they’re a fit for your business needs.

The package includes:

1 box per request.

Shipping cost is estimated upon requesting a quote.





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Shipping Information

For a limited time we will be selling individual packages with empty pods for you to try them out with your own product.

For only 15$ per unit* you could test this amazing technology to understand what’s possible for you and your brand.

Have the experience your customers will have experiencing an easy-to-use and durable vape pen.

We understand leaks and losses in the traditional 510 cartridge has an impact in your revenue and brand perception.

We are here to help you be on the fist wave of a revolutionary technology.