General Questions

No, we do not. We are a hardware company specialized in the distribution of the vape pens with magnetic technology.

The MOQ is 1 box that contains 500 units (whether is batteries or pods/cartridges).

We have a sample box option that includes 2 batteries and 5 pods you only pay for the shipping.

At the moment, we don’t have any physical store where you visit and see the hardware.

We’re working on distributing the product worldwide to make it accessible and easy to experience for you as a brand or consumer.

Contact us for detailed information and how can your brand migrate from the 510 to the magnetic vape pen.

Most popular questions related to the 510 vape carts problems

Leaking can often be prevented by storing the cartridge upright when not in use and avoiding extreme temperatures. Make sure to use the cartridge with the correct battery, as using a higher-voltage battery can cause the cartridge to heat up and leak.

Leaking from the top can occur when the cartridge is overfilled or if the airflow hole is blocked. Make sure to fill the cartridge to the recommended level and clear any blockage in the airflow hole.

Leaks from the bottom can be caused by a damaged or loose seal at the bottom of the cartridge. Check the seals and ensure they are tight and in good condition. If necessary, replace the cartridge.

Over time, wear and tear on the seals and connections can lead to leaks. Additionally, exposure to heat and sunlight can cause the liquid inside the cartridge to expand and create pressure, leading to leaks.

Common reasons for leaks include overfilling the cartridge, using incorrect or high voltages, damaged or loose seals, and storage in extreme temperatures.

To avoid spitting and clogging, make sure to properly prime the cartridge before use. Avoid overfilling the cartridge, as excess liquid can cause spitting. Regularly clean the mouthpiece to prevent clogging.

Excessive spitting is often caused by overfilling the cartridge or using an incorrect voltage setting. Using a lower voltage may help reduce spitting, as it will heat the liquid at a slower rate.

If your cartridge is clogged, try gently blowing through the mouthpiece to clear any blockage. If that doesn’t work, you can use a toothpick or pin to carefully clear any debris from the mouthpiece or airflow holes.

If your cartridge has airflow but doesn’t produce vapor, check that the battery is charged and functioning properly. Also, ensure the cartridge is securely attached to the battery. If the issue persists, the cartridge may need to be replaced.

Wax coming out of the cartridge can be due to excessive heat, causing the wax to melt and seep out. Check the battery settings and use a lower voltage if necessary. Storing the cartridge in a cool, dry place can also help.

To prevent leaks, use cartridges and batteries from reputable brands that are compatible with each other. Store your cartridge upright and avoid extreme temperatures. Regularly check the seals and connections for any signs of wear and replace the cartridge if necessary.

Most popular questions related to the 510 vape carts problems

We avoid the use of harmful plastics in contact with the product by using dental-grade ceramic and quartz glass. These materials are chosen specifically to ensure a clean, pure vaping experience without leaching any harmful substances into the liquid.

The pods are generally designed to minimize leakage, thanks to the wickless design. However, proper usage and storage, such as avoiding extreme temperatures and storing the pods upright, can help prevent any potential leakage. Also, be sure the mouthpiece is securely capped after filling.

Surface Area: The pods have a wider surface area compared to 510 cartridges which results in better heat distribution, increased vapor production, improved flavor, and reduced risk of overheating. I.E. Bigger clouds and more flavor throughout the lifespan of the pod.

Simplicity: The magnetic connection allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment of pods.

Purity: Using dental-grade ceramic and quartz glass can provide a cleaner vaping experience by avoiding leaching from plastics and metals.

The pods can hold up to 1 ml of liquid and it is important to not overfill to prevent future leakage.

No, once the pods are capped they can not be refilled.

The pods are generally compatible with a wide range of liquids, including e-liquids and oils. Ensure that the liquids you use are specifically designed for vaping and always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for best performance and safety.

The battery life can vary depending on usage but we estimate about 25 full hits before needing a recharge. You can cycle through the temperature settings by tapping the button 3 times.
Green = Low (1.6V)
Blue = Medium (1.9V)
Red = High (2.4V)